Juli , 2018

24JUL21:00Visuals – School of Visual Arts in New York CitySummer Movies @ School of Visual Arts NY21:00


In Kooperation mit der School of Visual Arts New York werden Visuals der Masterklasse gezeigt. Lassen Sie sich überraschen und staunen Sie!


different shorts | US | 50 Min. | FSK 12


Adam Rogers, Director of International Outreach School of Visual Arts:

SVA’s Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects Department combines the power of computer-generated images with active imaginations, great stories and highly skilled artists. The results are beyond impressive—they are breathtaking.

If you are interested in the great animated films by Blue Sky, PIXAR/Disney, Dreamworks or the photo-real Vfx by Sony Imageworks this is the department where you belong. We teach the most advanced digital applications used in the film industry. Taught by more than 60 working professionals each semester, our students develop the personal and professional skills required to succeed as visual artists in a highly competitive, creative medium.

We see the work of computer animation and visual effects in television, the Internet, in video games and feature films. Working with 3D applications, these artists might do more than entertain us: they might also visualize complex medical procedures, perform scientific simulations and assist in forensic investigations.

The compilation of work screened in Graz is from the graduating class of 2018.  The majority of these students are now working for Dreamworks, Pixar, Laika, Lucas Film, Industrial Light & Magic and Blue Sky.



Summer Movies – Zeitgenössische Filme, Visuals und Klassiker präsentiert von OchoReSotto und dem Filmzentrum im Rechbauerkino. Vor einzelnen Vorstellungen gibt es Hintergrundinfos und Anekdoten zum Film. Bei Schlechtwetter werden die Filme im Murinsel Café gezeigt.


Alle Filme sind kostenlos.


Idee & Konzept: Koordinationsstelle City of Design in Kooperation mit OchoReSotto
Programm: Dienstag – OchoReSotto | Mittwoch – Filmzentrum im Rechbauerkino



(Dienstag) 21:00


Murinsel Amphitheater